FC St. Pauli 

The FC St. Pauli is a left wing football club in the heart of hamburg.
At Interpol+-Studios we created every year a new look for the communications. 


Creative Direction:
Tim Schierwater, Sebastian Behrendt

Art Direction & typedesign:
Jan Volpp

2013 Eva Anhäuser
2014 & 15 Amelie Kiefer

Season 2015/16

Based the concept of improvised tape I designed a Typeface which irregularity is to underline the edgy image of the club. The font was used as the main font in 2015/16 for trikots and communication.
For the entrycards we created the designs out of actual tape.

Art Direction & Typedesign
Jan Volpp

Graphic Design:
Amelie Kiefer




I designed various other items for the club. From Chewing Gum to the team bus.

Season 2014/15

For 14/15 I developed a camouflage system based on the iconic skull of the FCSP. For the Playercards we kept the concept of 13/14 to place the Players in the area around the stadium.

Amelie Kiefer & Stefanie Rumpf

Season 13/14

In 2013 we glued posters of the player in the area of St. Pauli to bring the Club back to its origin: the streets of Hamburg.

Art direction & Streetart
Eva Anhaeuser & Jan Volpp